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Planting material conisists of seeds as well as plants that are reproduced vegetatively (from parts of a parent plant, such as cuttings and root divisions).

These are grown out in the PMN seed centres and distributed to members.

Members contribute seeds back to the Network for multiplication, propagation and redistribution.

Membership of the Planting Material Network consists of:

individual farmers
non government organisations
agricultural trainers and advisers

Honiara Planting Material Network garden

The PMN Honiara seed production garden

People in the beginning of PMN

Tony Jansen, now adviser to the Kastom Gaden Association, set up the PMN in 1996 and has worked with it ever since.

Roselyn Kabu Maemouri from North Malaita island in the Solomons, joined the PMN in 1996 as the coordinator. She later managed the Integrated Pest Management Project on North Malaita and now workd in program management with the PMN.

Emma Stone, a TerraCircle associate who worked in horticulture on the NSW North Coast, was assigned as trainer to the PMN in 1998 to upgrade the PMN's processes. She returned in 1999 under the Australian Government's Youth Ambassador scheme and spent a further period in Honiara in late-2002.


A paper was presented on the work of the PMN at the PGR PAPGREN meeting in Suva, Fiiji, 2004. The paper, presented by Tony Jansen, summarised the operation and accomplishmens of the Solomon Islands Planting Material Network.

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