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Seed saving groups

The Seed Savers' Network

The Seed Savers' Network, provided the first workshops that created the interest to get the PMN started in 1996. Emma Stone was trained at the Seed Savers' Network and later assisted the PMN.

Seed Savers directors, June and Michel Fanton, have attended PMN conferences in the Solomons and provided training to the PMN's Mary Timothy (now based on Kolombangara) and Gwendolyn Patakaka (Sasamuqa village, Choiseul Province).

Germination testing at Solomon Islands PMN garden

Mary and Gwendolyn carry out germination testing at the Solomon Islands Planting Material Network garden

The Seed Savers' Network provides:

educational programmes for the preservation of open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds and the genetic diversity of plant varieties
non-profit seed exchange programmes
agricultural and horticultural programmes with particular emphasis on the propagation of open-pollinated plant varieties
preservation gardens for open-pollinated plant varieties
seed banks for non-hybrid plant varieties
cientific research relating to the above matters, either alone or in conjunction with a public university or other institution.

Partner organisations

Kastom Gaden Association

The Kastom Gaden Association works with Solomon Island communities to improve their food futures through:

community food security assessment
training in small scale village agriculture
supporting family nutrition
in association with the Solomon Islands Planting Material Network, the provision of training and assistance in setting up and managing community-based seed and planting material production/ distribution networks.

Melanesian Farmer First Network (MFFN) The MFFN is a regional association of development assistance organisations engaged in agricultural training, the training of trainers, community health, training for viable, rural livelihoods and associated areas of community development.

TerraCircle Inc TerraCircle provides development assistance services to organisations in developing countries and provides development education in Australia. TerraCircle is a Melanesia specialist.

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